We deliver tactical and strategic digital products to allow you to achieve your specific business objectives. Our first question is why, we root all our work in an understanding of what you want to happen to help you make it so. Our process is based on rapid prototyping, Lean principles and Agile delivery. Your work will have ongoing relevance through continuous improvement. The world we live in constantly changes and so should your tactical and strategic digital products.


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About Us

You care about your customers, without them you are lost.

You know you need to keep up with changing technology to help give you the edge.

Digital experts: We are digital experts, a mobile apps and web production agency with more than 300 digital products delivered for brands such as BBC, McDonalds, Greggs, Thomson, Virgin Media, Durex, NHS, Dulux, Laphroaig, Nissan, Honda, McCain, and Cancer Research UK to name a few.

Tangible reach: We help you understand, define and build relevant digital products to give you tangible, measurable reach - providing solid foundations you can amplify.

Our process: Simple and transparent, we take complex ideas and deliver them using language and processes that every stakeholder can understand. We make sure you are part of our team.

Longevity: We’re proud of our work and have ongoing clients who are testament to our ability to continuously deliver.

Iterations: Keeping you in line with the world as it looks tomorrow. As pioneers and innovators we’re here to advise you and help products improve through iterations; the most important part of the whole process.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

A fast moving world leads to constant change.  

How can we help you? 

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Meet the Team

Saad Farooq Know-it-all

You'll often find Saad (call him Sadi) humming the 'I gotta feeling' tune, in the weirdest situations. This just shows how easy it gets when he's in the room. This guy has a world record for conducting the most meetings in a day. If you're ever face-to-face with him, keep in mind that as irritatingly funny it may sound and whether you like it or not 'Sadi knew it already'.

Aqeel Ahmed The busy one

Aqeel was hired a year back in our Web Development team. Back then, he had already proven himself as an experienced PHP Web Developer, and now he is working as a Web Development Lead. He has shown great commitment with his work. He likes going to movies for entertainment and plays Counter Strike in his free time.

Katie Houghton Top Dog

Hold the line, her projects are always on time. From Great Dane to Shitzu, what our poodle loving PM doesn't know about pups isn't worth knowing. With the skill to manage a jukebox in an office of varied taste, music hungry desk jockeys, of course it can only be our very own, Katie.

Zeshan Hayder SHANI

Originating from classic asp and then onto the world of iPhone and iPad, Zeshan's been a marvellous journey. Committed to deliver products with perfection and uniqueness, e puts the emphasis on the performance and the stability of the application above all else.

Kashif Raza JINN

It took twenty four years for Kashif to become who he is today. A determined and strong spirit who explored his world in order to satisfy his curiosity. He works with real zest and believes in productivity through enthusiasm. Dynamic and independent, he is also articulate and set himself apart with his vibrant nature.

Celeste Ortega Guapa

Celeste [suh-lest-ay] or 'Guapa' as she is more commonly known, adds a touch of spice to the putitout team. With a fiery Spanish temper and an obsession for perfection, she gets what she wants - and it always looks amazing and works perfectly. But give her a Frappé and she's all yours!

Abeer Sarmad Hotshot

Abeer is an SQA Engineer and has done MS in Total Quality Management. She was called to her career because of a strong belief in quality oriented software development, continuous improvement and ultimate customer satisfaction. 'The Customer is King' is her mantra and she defines herself in three words - diligent, enthusiastic, and prudent.

Irfan Sarwar APT

Passionate to create new and unique mobile applications. Extensive experience and knowledge in encoding systems. Irfan loves his work, is not afraid of tough challenges and enjoys being part of an innovative development team. A particular skill for  rapidly converting detailed business requirements into a full functional application. Energetic, fun and creative.

Muhammad Amir Fiaz Attari

Amir likes to know a bit about everything. This applies to all aspects of his life making him crave new experiences as well as demanding a better understanding of those already had. He's a Web Developer with more than five years of development experience in various tools and technologies such as PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX.

Khalid wazir JOYFUL

As web developer, he is passionate to excel using his methodologies and creative applications. He believes that constant learning and development will broaden his experience. He willingly accepts the everyday challenges and always seeks the solutions to problems. Being an ideal team worker is all about team spirit, therefore, I am the perfect team player.

Aleem Razzaq Upbeat

As a Mobile developer I am passionate about exploring new technologies. I am self-motivated and enjoy continuous work which is why I eat less breakfast to keep my hunger for work! I believe that you don't need to run towards success, just work hard and success will definitely be yours.

Usman Arshad krud D Jam

Filled with adrenaline to develop new things in android and to explore different dimensions of digital. Hardworking and passionate with a love for brain storming in the nick of time. Self motivated and always able to muster up courage when needed.

Ammara Mazher smart

Passionate and energetic in work, keen for quality and bug free products. Innovative, self-motivated and always in search of things that boost my morale with respect to QA.

Fahad Farooq UI

A highly motivated, firmly focused, quick learner and a hard working UI specialist, believes in doing his best in every responsability entrusted to him. Fahad firmly believes that life is far too short, and far too valuable which is what inspires him to challenge himself everyday with new skill sets.

Ed Rigg Heli-mazing

Ed has always been enamoured by a life less ordinary. He has spent time putting it out on film sets of foreign shores, working on a music app, and of course helping clients find their niche. Need something digital? Give him a shout...

Shakir Blouch

One of our newest software engineers at putitout. He describes himself as a kind man who believes in hard work and focuses on delivery top quality work every time.

Rebecca Bryant Geck

Rebecca takes being organised to the extreme. What might seem like a spontaneous visit to a restaurant is invariably the result of several weeks of thorough research. And yes, she will also know what she's going to order before she gets there!

Muhammad Omer Malik

Omer being an Optimistic, loves to take challenges. He is devoted to work in highly professional environment. He started his professional career as Android Developer and has extensive understanding of different environments.

Muhammad Kashif Hawk Eye

Kashif is a born-to-improve QA Engineer. Dedicated, knowledgeable, hard working and an absolute pleasure to work with. He doesn’t simply run tests, but understands the product deeply. Kashif always finds the time to go out of his way to answer difficult questions with in-depth, correct and expert advice.

Ahsan Ali Rana

The man who has an eye on Target, has MS in Total Quality Management. A passion for learning new technologies, different processes and thinks out of the box. Always trying to get new ideas that make an ease in our daily life through technology.

Joe Brooks The Biz

Our resident Essex boy claims that his bronze is 100% au naturel. And we believe him. That’s because he’s just too darn honest to tell us a porky. Beside making an awesome cuppa, Joe also loves to meet new people, build relationships, and shout putitout from the roof!

Asif Noor Aasi

 4+ years development experience and holding a BS and MS in Computer Science, Asif is passionate about creating beautiful, maintainable code that upholds best coding standards. Avid programmer and loves improving my algorithmic skills to solve day to day problems quickly. Never studied any book except computer science because I fell asleep most of the time.

Faisal Saeed Creative

Always focussing on latest technologies to update methodology. Faisal takes every project as an opportunity to refresh methods and hone practice. A love of making websites; combining technical skills with creative ones. Static design mock-ups may look pretty, but there’s no experience interaction or performance without Dreamweaver!

Luke Doran Baby Rhino

A straight-talking, turbo-charged Doncaster boy - you know you're in safe hands with Luke. Dedicated to ensuring our clients remain happy (or 'chuffed' in Northern). Along with his standard 6 egg omelette, he eats problems for breakfast and will make sure any engagement with us is absolutely top notch (and good fun to boot).

Maryam Khan Sure-footed

Organized, efficient and being fore-thoughtful, Maryam emulates the best QA Engineers around. Passionate about work with great consistency and complete awareness to provide products with quality with finesse. Thinks out of the box and stays open minded, sharing or adapting new ideas.

Ashar Jamil The HR guy!

Dedicated to building a great HR Department. Ashar has what it takes to handle our team’s wellbeing, with a clear vision and goal that will play a strong strategic role in our future . A great problem solver who’s equitable, organized, and focussed.

Bethan Jones Beej

With a background in content and publishing, Bethan's head was turned by the platforms she was publishing on and a career in digital management was born. She's brought her attention to detail and organisational skills along for the ride... and her penchant for peppermint tea has started a herbal epidemic in the office.

Kerry McCallum Virtual Reality

A passionate character who always strives for the best; this transfers into delivering high quality projects! With solid experience in branding the physical world of retail and hospitality, Kerry brings something unique to the digital world. This one is easily spotted by the sparkly or brightly coloured clothing.

Junaid Shabbir BIG

9+ years of experience in the Mobile development. Junaid has great skills of Architect, Design, Code, Qualify, Troubleshoot and Maintain mobile applications for iOS, Android and Blackberry with best coding standards.  He has ability to work independently, self-motive and implement new initiatives.

Muhammad Shahbaz Panthero!

Shahbaz is Community aggregated, Classy Gentleman, a keen weight lifter, and experienced PHPier & JS Wizard. An entrepreneur with wicked sense of humour who believes in leading rather than feeding. Always pushing to expand the boundaries. exploring galaxies of possibilities while keeping feet on the ground & head in the sky!

Josh Doran Twinford

Yorkshire born, Yorkshire bred. Ensuring reports are easily read. Josh’s analytical skills and client-centric attitude ensures that you will be kept fully informed from day one when you have your first chat with us. Being the younger twin means he’s no stranger to putting others first!

Rashid Akram Intrigue

An international man mystery, but no Austin Powers, Rashid is a quiet type who loves to travel. Taking pride in his work, a focussed individual who quickly handles the task in hand, and adapts to his environment. As a valued member of the team, his opinion always counts!