Promise Keeper - Apps for Good

Apps for Good is a NESTA supported learning program that aims to teach school-goers how to be practically creative in the arena of computer sciences.  Currently the curriculum teaches practical skills such as how to use MS Word and Excel but not how to create anything useful.  A parallel was drawn between teaching someone how to read or to write.

The course encourages the students to identify an issue affecting the students themselves or members of the surrounding community.  They then conduct market research to assess the extent of the issue and then design a solution to the problem by designing an app.

The Promise Keeper team, along with teams from over 40 schools showcased these ideas at the Apps for Good Awards at the end of June.  The 7 winners then went on to work with an app development agency to have their app built.  That’s where we came in.

When we first met the 5 lads from St Matthews Academy they had already won, and were super excited about seeing their app come to fruition.

The kick-off meeting was slightly awkward to be honest, Chris and Charlie trooped down to Lewisham, entered the awesome St Matthews Academy and were ushered to a classroom, we’re not used to classrooms any more..

We met the team and they explained what they had done to get to this point, see their winning pitch below:


We then worked closely with the team over the next few months, taking their feedback on our designs, getting them to review and sign off the wireframes at a meeting hosted in the penthouse meeting room at Facebook HQ and then they user tested the final app.

This all drew to a close on Monday when the app was officially launched at a Press event atop the BT tower where they presented the app and the journey they had been on.  Their stand attracted some great attention from high profile guests including Davina McCall and the event was written up in Mobile Choice.

The Promise Keeper team were great clients, we’d work with them again in a flash, it was great to see their knowledge, understanding and confidence grow.  We can also barely recognise them from these old pics:


You can download the Promise Keeper Android application here.

We also built an app called Buzzer buddies  but that’s a story for another time.

6th December 2012

Posted by Charlie