Angry Birds and Samsung TV's

Angry birds is a game that is kind of a big deal around here (we didn’t know if you knew that). Anybody in the digital world, or indeed the smart phone world, will have most likely played it. Obviously when it comes to delivering anything with the Angry Birds stamp on it, the best is required.

Our client, Cheil, devised a fiendishly clever way of using the Birds vs. Pigs war to show off Samsung’s new Smart TV .

Members of the public were invited to play Angry Birds through an app on the motion controlled Smart TV's in London's two Westfield shopping centres. Players gave their scores to a Samsung assistant who entered their details on a tablet. Those scores then appeared on a live Facebook leader board. All very clever and lots of fun too.

putitout was commissioned a month before go live to deliver the tablet->entrant database->Facebook app ecosystem that made the digital (activation) side of the campaign work.

We delivered. Then our Angry Birds high score got beaten by an 8-year old girl, but we still felt good about it because it was such an engaging project to have been a part of.

30th January 2013

Posted by Patrick