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The Breakfast Club site is ALIVE!

We totally heart The Breakfast Club. You may have heard of it - it’s a little known purveyor of amazing food experiences, with sites in Soho, Spitalfield, Angel, Hoxton and Battersea Rise.. Who are we kidding? Of course you’ve heard of The Breakfast Club! Everyone has - because the food, the ambience and the staff, are just the best.

Ever since we moved into our spiritual home in Wardour Mews three years ago, The Breakfast Club has been an important part of our life.

Chris and Charlie have breakfast there EVERY WEDNESDAY and the rest of us often pop in and avail of the restorative bounty that drives hoards of hungry hipsters through their doors - often with a line that snakes off down the street, as far as the eye can see.

Imagine our excitement when we saw this tweet:

So we responded thus:

We were but one of ten agencies that managed to get through the doors of The Breakfast Club HQ.  We were, however, the only ones to come along brandishing a detailed statement of every penny we have ever spent in the Breakfast Club and when.  We think this not only showed our commitment to breakfast, but also that we had very real and detailed experience of their brand. We had literally eaten and drunk The Breakfast Club brand, on very many occasions.

To seal the deal, in our written response to them we included a picture of Patrick with the putitout flag behind the counter of our local Breakfast Club with some of the awesome staff.

We then showed some dexterity of creative ideas for the site design that we think encapsulated the nostalgia of the brand, we really had to reach back and muster up all our 80's nostalgia and a lot of time was wasted playing Tapper (remember that one?). The Breakfast Club jumped straight in with their own inspiration and vision for their beloved brand.

The site is built on Drupal 7, a robust and scalable platform that allows the site to grow and evolve alongside this awesome company.

We hope the site delivers you some 80's nostalga, enjoy.


28th May 2013

Posted by Charlie

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