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So, after my long weekend of fun in London I remembered what I actually came over to Maria & Charlie’s for, Work Experience.



I have been with the putitout team now for 3 days for my work experience. I am in Transition Year in Wexford, Ireland so coming to London to work experience was a little bit of an unusual thing to hear for most people in my year. So making the most of this experience was top of my list, and of course this experience didn’t fail my expectations as with Charlie’s ‘To Do’ list I was constantly kept busy which on work experience is a good thing.



I completed almost all of the tasks that were given to me, tasks such as on my first day (Tuesday) I was given some time to do research on googles latest device ‘google glass’ I was given an assignment to do a write up about the google glass, this was a lot of fun and also gave me an insight on googles latest device. On other days I was given tasks such as testing the new ‘Frame’ app and also creating Web/Mobile/Social mood boards for putitout’s new website which was quite cool! I also used Microsoft Excel a lot for organizing weekly reports and helping on creating an invoice. Today (Thursday) is my second last day here in London but unfortunately it’s my last in the putitout offices as I’m leaving for Dublin Airport in themorning! So Charlie asked me to do this report on my experience at putitout andalso give my opinion on what are the top 5 apps(below) also here’s some things I learned!




  • I now have a full understanding of Microsoft Excel and all its uses.

  • Working in an office all day isn’t as boring as it is put out to be.

  • Google Drive is a great invention by Google and should be used by more businesses.

  • iMac’s are fun to use.

  • London is impossible to get around without google maps!










This cool app is a bit like WhatsApp or any other popular instant messaging app, however i think it’s better! Why? Because it gives you more options such as video chat (which quality is very good even with 3G), live chat, which isn’t seen really on much Instant messaging apps and also gives you a full range of emoticons and then the basic sending and receiving normal, picture and video messages. The only downfall WeChat has is that not alot of people use the service at the present time so hopefully it will grow in numbers and one day be as popular as WhatsApp.

Snapchat :

This app has been in the top 5 apps of the app store & play store for weeks, and there is a reason why, It gives you the option to take, edit and insert captions into pictures before sending them to any of your contacts, the best thing about it is you can only send them the picture for up to 10 seconds so they don’t get a chance to save the picture(unless of course they screenshot it) this can make the app very fun!


This is a must have app for any football fans! I had it and would not stop playing it until i had it completed and even after that I went back and made sure I had perfected every level. The game itself gives you a chance to recreate famous goals from certain time periods including the build-up passing and then the goal itself. Great app to have on your phone even if you’re not a football fan.


Such a handy app for when you hear a song and dont know what the name of it is and having it on your smartphone makes things very handy, you don’t even have to be connected to the internet as you can save your recording and wait till you get home and then discover the name of the tune. it also comes in handy as it shows you what is the number one in every continent, country, city and even town! Which is pretty cool!

Google Maps:

Although this app is quite standard it has helped me out a lot for directions to and from different places, especially in the city. I have a lot to owe to this app because if it wasn’t for it I wouldnt be able to find good places to eat at lunch (McDonald’s) or I wouldn’t have even found my way back to the offices on time so 5 stars to this app for doing exactly what it is supposed to do!

 By Fionn Cooney - Age 16

30th May 2013

Posted by Charlie