Join putitout and Frame for a summer of rooftop Yoga

It can on occassion be stressful stuff, this digital business.  Hunched over your desk 24/7, dealing with client requests, trying to make sure everything doesn't fall apart around you, it can make you pretty tense!

Well, we feel it as much as you and think something needs to be done about it.  After much deliberation we realised that is was actually a pretty simple equation: 

putitout roof terrace + amazing yoga instructor from Frame = chilled out, flexible, stress free lifestyle

Regular practice of yoga leads to improved flexibility, more strength, better concentration, improved posture, better breathing - the list goes on. Plus, it makes your body look banging.

We'd be delighted if you could join putitout amid the Soho skyline for harmonious postures and controlled breathing, led by those lissome experts from Frame.

The sessions are beginner to intermediate, so no need to feel shy and equally if you're an old hand, you'll still find the class beneficial.

Bring comfortable clothes, water and a towel, and we will provide the mats.

Yoga classes will take place every Wednesday at 6:30pm, at putitout, rooftop terrace, 16-17 Wardour Mews, W1F 8AT.

Please e-mail

Instructor - Mel Brittner

Mel brings a positive, encouraging and uplifting energy to the classes.  Her classes are non-dogmatic and non-competitive, with an emphasis on joy and happiness in the postures and playfulness and exploration within your practise.  She will encourage you to allow your mind, body and breath to harmonize, allow the music to move with your breath, and allow your body to follow.

Flow yoga
This class is designed to enhance strength and flexibility through a flowing sequence of postures that synchronizes the breath with movement. A series of standing and seated postures will work the entire body with sun salutations deepening the breath and increasing heat in the muscles creating a strong practice. Each class will vary and music is played in the background to add to the relaxation during the class.

Please e-mail to make the list. You’ll need to confirm your participation at the very latest by the Tuesday afternoon before hand. We operate on a first come, first served basis.

10th July 2013

Posted by Emma