It’s that time again – when we poll the office on what the latest and greatest apps are. That insight comes from some of the most digitally savvy people on this earth, namely the staff of putitout. We start with newbie Ed Davenport:

Ed D:

My favourite app is ‘StumbleUpon’- a great way to find new and cool article’s things that I like. Simple to use and very intuitive, and its available as a Kindle, Nook, Android and iOS app.


Ed: A great first choice, no doubt.

Katie: For me its FlyPay, it is a super smooth mobile payment app for restaurants, excited to use it at my local Wahaca, spicccy.

FlyPay on iOS and android

Ed: We’re expecting a lot from mobile payments this year – a topical choice for sure. We heart spicy food. Especially when improved by Rudy’s chilli.


Hey guys!! By FAR the best app for me is ‘TuneIn Radio’ because every epic radio station you could possibly want, is right there – it means I can dance in my bedroom mirror to WHATEVER I want WHENEVER I want, its just great-a-licious!! My body loves it! And spotify is sooo 2013…

This app is available on amost every platform, even apps for cars!

Ed: OK Chris. Whatever rocks your boat (car).


Baby Connect, this for me is without a doubt the best multi-player cloud based baby activity app around (we trialed a few). It allows the passage of mission critical info between users (parents) 24/7. Optimised for the sleep deprived and with a .csv download function this app ticks a lot of boxes for the modern professional parent. We would gladly help tweak the UI though if you're listening...

Baby connect is available on iOS and Android

Ed: Charlie has just had twins… Using digital to nurture, obviously.


Tripit is an app which automatically ingests all your travel bookings from your inbox and arranges them into an itinerary. It also plots the gaps between your travel. For example, it will have your flight and your accommodation booking from your emails, but will then give you travel advice and maps between the two.


Ed: Alex loves travelling as much as the next man.


Citymapper. Because I need to get around a lot, and its really useful for that.

Citymapper is available on iOS and Android

Ed: Right on.

Emma: Whisper.

Not only because people can share their secrets anonymously - but because of it's potential scope to give people a voice that previously they could not have. i.e. political commentary in countries where this may have very real and very serious repercussions.

Whisper is available on iOS and Android

Ed R: For me Uber is the next big thing in London transport, we got a Lux ride the other day, there were water bottles in the doors and sweets in the arm rest, what more do you want from a cabbie.

Uber is available in iOS and Android

So there you have it, our selection of what’s out there and why it’s the next big thing in the wonderful world of apps. Get in touch with us if you’ve got an app idea of your own, we're certain we can help you out.


30th January 2014

Posted by Ed