Do you need an app which looks after your funds and helps you save for that bike which you’ve wanted for ages? Well look no further putitout have just delivered Social Bank.

The brainchild of students at Mount Grace School in Potters Bar the app allows you to keep tabs on how your saving is progressing and how close you are to being able to buy the items you want. 

The app also integrates with social platforms Facebook and Twitter so that you can compete with your friends to see who has saved the most.

It has some very subtle useful additions - it calculates the days to your target based on your monetary input and documents when you added money to the calendar so you can see what your history is.

It is part of putitout’s work with Apps for Good – a charity which aims to empower young people to use their creativity and allow them access to work in the digital world. The idea won the “People’s Choice Award” at the Apps for Good Awards 2013 and so putitout were tasked with building it.

Rudy, one of project managers oversaw this project and mentioned “I was seriously impressed by the thought that went into this app, I know I have trouble saving for the things I want, so the teenagers at Mount Grace have come up with something quite unique. It was a great project to oversee”. 

Social Bank is currently available on Android and you can read about all of our work with apps for good here, here and here!

In fact it was so good the Telegraph also wrote a piece on it which we were delighted about.

If you'd like an app of your own give us a shout!


7th February 2014

Posted by Ed