Social Media and Content

Web 1.0 was a broadcast web where the average 'user' would 'surf' and consume content written by the privileged few. Web 2.0 democratised the web bringing with it social and blogging technologies that allowed the average 'user' to post content to the web (see Wordpress, YouTube, Facebook). Web 3.0 uses your data to deliver a personalised web for you. I want to focus on web 2.0 and the rise of the social comms channel.

Content marketing is so hot right now. Consumer's desire for exciting content has never been higher and to match this trend, the amount of content produced globally is growing exponentially and that trend is set to continue, there were ~1.15 billion photos shared yesterday across the major social networks alone.  We work with a lot of companies keen to leverage this trend, today we'll look at the Facebook campaign.

We have built tons of Facebook apps and the ones that do well all have one thing in common.  They understand that the most interesting things online are the most interesting things offline.

Attempts to build virtual worlds and experiences in your browser, though they may have limited appeal, are often not as interesting as real life (though they are more likely to win the agency an award).

Conversely you can have a relatively simple mechanic that offers  unique access to privileged content of something interesting happening in the real world and you will get more traction / shares / exposure.  Cheil are really good at doing this with their campaigns for Samsung, see an example here.

You often need to look away from the screen to find something compelling, a fact that is often forgotten.  Do please give us a call on 020 7100 2034 or e-mail on if you'd like our input on making Social work for you.

20th February 2014

Posted by Charlie