Emerging Commerce

The way humans transact has always and will always continue to change.  From the shekel to coins, store cards, credit cards, e-commerce & mobile commerce the way you have bought goods and services has changes throughout your life and will continue to do so.

At putitout we understand this fact and have grown a specialism we term 'Emerging Commerce'.  Emerging Commerce is our understanding that today's knowledge of payment is out of date and cannot be the answer.  

We need to ensure that we understand what the future of the transaction looks like, which companies and technologies are disrupting the status quo or creating bold new ways to enjoy our time on earth.

Emerging Commerce is not a competency it's a changing understanding of the how to make the transaction valuable to all who use it.

We are technology agnostic and partner with innovative and disruptive technologies to deliver you digital products that drive revenue, offering the best fit for your needs rather than selling you a one size fits all technology.

For an overarching view of our thinking read Charlie's '7 questions to ask before you embark on building a digital product', look at our deck on Slideshare or call us on 020 7100 2034.

8th August 2014

Posted by Charlie