Flypay partnership

'I am thrilled to be partnering with putitout, a company that shares our passion for the difference this technology makes to the day to day experiences we have, and who bring to the table not only a record of being highly technically adept, but also thought leadership in the space of mCommerce.' Tom Weaver, CEO, Flypay

When we first met Flypay in mid 2013, they were sharing offices with a client of ours who recommended we got in touch as they had an interesting technology business.  Around mobile and payments.

Flypay immediately impressed with their approach and story. The founders, Tom Weaver and Chris Evans, were very technically proficient and had a user centered approach to the world, which highlighted a real consumer problem: that it takes ten minutes to pay your bill at the end of a meal and that those last ten minutes can sour the dining experience, no matter how good the food or service is. They built the technology that solves that problem.

Flypay's pragmatic approach to scaling their business meant they were very open to a partner agreement as it would allow them to focus on the detail of the technology. So it was that putitout became the first development partner of Flypay, whereby we can incorporate Flypay’s technology into any custom build for the benefit of our clients and Flypay can use our front and back end teams to build bespoke app’s for their clients. We know we're backing a great technology with a well tested payment architecture and they have an experienced team they can trust and scale.

We've had a number of great referrals from Flypay and will be releasing some case studies later in the year. Their own growth is hugely impressive and great to see, there already have been and we’re looking forward to a number of great updates to the technology later this year (their product roadmap is awesome), you'll be thanking them next time you head out to dinner. 

We've made it our business to keep up to date with the new entrants to this market as we need to ensure that the partners we choose mirror our drive for excellence.

If you're interested in mobile payments or becoming a partner of putitout, please get in touch.

22nd August 2014

Posted by Charlie