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We are very pleased to announce that we have recently partnered with Spritz – the new, better way to read digital content. We can now integrate Spritz to any sites, apps or campaigns for our beautiful clients.
What is Spritz?
Spritz is an advanced reading technology which streams content a single word at a time. Allowing your eye to always remain in the same place. The best way to explain Spritz is to show you, check out this video.
With Spritz, content can be streamed within a widget (“redicle”), presenting words one at a time, in the optimal timing and positioning, where the eyes can focus on the text and the brain can analyze it better and faster. This results in a unique reading experience which is more focused, faster, measured and fits different digital display sizes. Test it out here www.spritzinc.com.
Spritz recently partnered with Samsung and a number of leading content publishers (including The Financial Times and others) as part of Samsung’s release of the new Gear S smartwatch and the company will announce additional key partnerships in content and advertising in the next few weeks.
Where did Spritz come from?
Spritz was born out of research into innovation gaps that started by Maik Maurer, Spritz’s CTO (then a researcher at the Technical University of Munich). Maik examined the way humans read and interact with content and concluded that our reading experience hasn’t really changed in the past 5,000 years, despite the fact that technology around us has significantly evolved (digital formats, multiple screen sizes) and so have our daily reading routines (constant consumption, emails, social, reading on the go). 
The Spritz Mission
Together with Spritz we firmly believe that we can revolutionise the way people read and make communication faster, easier, and more effective - one word at a time. Advertisers are using the technology to drive awareness and get their message across in a cluttered environment, content publishers are able to communicate more to their users and drive on the go engagement and consumption across smaller displays, and enterprises are able to better track and measure interaction with content.  
We aim to work closely on integrations of Spritz with agencies, advertisers, leading (global) digital content publishers, mobile and wearable device makers.
A word from Spritz
“Spritz is excited to work with new partners to create innovative experiences around reading and engagement with content. We like to stretch the boundaries of what’s possible with existing technologies to set new levels of focus, speed and measurement and are always glad to connect with creative and bold partners.”
A final word
Universal's executive vice president of digital marketing, Doug Neil, noted recently that the Sptriz feature has seen extremely high engagement on their ‘Lucy’ campaign site, about 50 times more than normal features like trailers, photos or cast bios. 
We are very excited about Spritz and are already pushing in into various sites, apps and campaigns. Get in touch to see where it can help you.

26th August 2014

Posted by Ed Rigg