Mobile payment event

On Thursday 11th September 2014 putitout hosted an event at Boldrocket bringing together two of its favorite partners in the mobile payments space.

We were delighted to see how popular the event was and with over 80 tickets booked, very good for an early Thursday morning.

We were delighted that Apple had announced Apple pay at their keynote just 2 days beforehand as that is exactly the type of boost to consumer adoption we have been waiting for (we're going to build SO MANY apple pay apps). All three speakers from putitout, Flypay and POWA have been championing the mobile payments space and been actively delivering products to support it since 2012 and consumer adoption is always the biggest barrier for these types of new technologies.

The event was hosted and introduced by putitout and our MD, Charlie Cadbury, gave a rounded view of the market, why it is important to continue to deliver change and putitout's approach to partnering with the hottest technologies and technologists in the space.

See Charlie's presentation here:

Tom Weaver, CEO Flypay then took to the floor and delivered a great history of the company demonstrating the well thought through approach they have taken to delivering a user centered product that delivers huge value to the consumer and restaurateur alike.

Download Flypay's presentation here.

Rounding off the morning was POWA who are a 'startup with 30 years experience'.  Their global product evangelist was Jason Langdridge, fresh from a similar role at Apple who delivered some great demonstrations of their platform and approach, watch out for POWA.

Download POWA's presentation here.

We took the liberty of employing a visual scribe for the event who took notes in graphic form, we hope you enjoy the visualisation, feel free to download the high resolution graphic of all the talks here.

If there are any transactional applications you'd like us to look into for you, please get in touch at or give us a call on 020 7100 2034.

13th September 2014

Posted by Charlie