Summer is gone; winter is now slowly fading in.  Some of the team don’t want to let go of the summer vibe and still remind them selves of their fantastic memories.  

Here are our Favourite songs at the moment:

Who: Charles  Cadbury
Song: Changes - Faul & Wad Ad

“Not too banging but playful enough to keep your interest. Like falling leaves through the sun.”

Who: Alex Strang

Song:  Oliver Heldens - Gecko

“Reminds me of my summer holiday in Ibiza this year.”

Who: Katie  Houghton

Song: Above by Beep Dee  

‘’In contrast to Charlie's this is a party banger, I'm still trying to hold onto summer and this is FIYAHH!’’

Who: Celeste 

Song: Radar - Mayer Remix 

‘’Nice song to walk down the tube in the morning.  Gets you on the right mood.’’

Who: Luke Doran

Song: Dusky music yoohoo

‘’It's got a massive piano riff and an epic breakdown. Like Katie - it's one to help you cling on to the summer.... ‘’

Who:  Ed Davenport

Song: Caribou- Our Love

“The key change (circa 2:20) is a musical delight. Will no doubt be the anthem of our Lincolnshire Gentleman's tour to Las Vegas. 

Posted by: Sarah Sadik (Work Experience)

29th October 2014

Posted by Charlie