The Crowd - site live

The Crowd, headed up by charismatic visionary Jim Woods was introduced to putitout in the first half of 2013.  They were working with another agency for a rebrand.
The site acts as a hub for the orginisation's messaging and drives awareness and bookings for their events and impressive list of speakers.
For various reasons the relationship with their lead agency broke down and we stepped in to help the Crowd achieve their commercial objectives from the site.
It was a tough time for the project but as we moved forward Jim summed it up nicely:
'Sometimes it takes a crisis to see everyone’s character, and for me it has been a valuable crisis.'
We executed against the plans to build what has turned out to be a good promotional tool and important business asset for the crowd.  The site is fully responsive and functions well.
We'd urge you to have a look at what The Crowd are doing. And if you’re from a large organisation and interested in meeting other people who are making business more sustainable, you should get along to one of their events post haste.
Other recent charity projects include:

30th October 2014

Posted by Charlie