EVENT: Lean UX and how to design digital for a changing world - Thursday 19th March


 How do you meaningfully use digital to achieve your goals?

The answer is not a new app.

The answer is not a new website.

The answer is a new way to look at how to always keep your digital products working for you.

We invite you to an event on our thinking around change and how that should affect you, your work and the products we all create. We will begin with beers and networking followed by talks from Charlie Cadbury and Sheen Yap on our thinking and process about how you can go about building a digital product that will retain its relevance and keep on delivering long after its launch.  The event will be an interesting mix of partners, clients, wannabe clients and our competitors in disguise trying to work out just how we do it.

The event will be hosted at Decoded, leaders in digital training and transformation who have an awesome training space just north of Old Street roundabout.


About the event:

It is now easier than ever to create digital products. However, 9 out of 10 digital projects still fail, and the number one reason is because time, effort and money is spent on building the wrong product i.e. a product that nobody wants. 

Traditional methods of development, such as waterfall, cause a problem by leaving it too late to get feedback from actual users. Whilst more modern approaches such as agile and user-centred design attempt to reduce the risk by segmenting development and taking users viewpoint, it is not effective under high uncertainty and competitive environment, where quick reaction and improvisation is needed. 

Lean UX emerged from the Lean Startup movement that is currently reshaping how products are created and marketed in the startup world. Using a combination of learning mindset, evidence-driven approach and zero-waste delivery, Lean UX is helping new and old businesses make product decision faster, and create products that realise and sustain their true value to the market over the long term.

The Government have it right, talk to the users early. 


About the organisers:

Putitout has delivered more than 300 digital products over the past 8 years to clients like BBC, Virgin Media, The Olympic Delivery Authority, Barclays, Samsung and many more household names.  We are a team about 40 who deliver tactical digital products that evolve to keep delivering for our clients.

Charles Cadbury is a founder and CEO of putitout.  He leads the vision for putitout and has an interesting take on how you can keep you self, your business and your work ahead of the rest.

Sheen Yap is a UX veteran and has been crafting user interaction for the past 17 years through interactive TV, web and mobile and has been working with putitout to help shape their thinking and lean UX offering.  Sheen is engaging, amusing and hugely engaging in his approach.

Decoded  helps people navigate the digital world - both in their work and everyday lives. We started in 2011 with the belief that we could take professionals with zero knowledge to Digital Enlightenment in one day, thus helping businesses transform and be successful in the new economy. To date we've transformed over 8,000 individuals across 35+ countries through our flagship courses: Code_in a Day and Data_in a Day.


28th January 2015

Posted by Charlie