Bespoke digital Productivity tools

Traditional business practices and processes are being challenged by the ability to streamline workflows using constantly evolving technology.

Change is hard and the path of least resistance often leads to slow improvements within business.  The fact that existing processes work 'just fine' can lead to complacency.  Aalthough, often, no single processes will bring a company down, you can fall foul of 'death by a thousand cuts'. As technology improves so will the need for businesses to adopt new technology faster or face being left behind.

If your working practice slows in comparison to the competition, new hires are discouraged by the out of date methods and business growth is impeded. 

Forward thinking businesses look at any and all ways to streamline and automate, digitise process. The main workflows to target are e-mail, excel sheets and word documents being passed back and forth between parties, wasting time and ever increasing resource costs. There are plenty of management tools out there such as Trello, Teamwork, and Asana but often a bespoke platform built for you to look after your communications, invoicing, and work flows pays dividends.

This is where we can play a digitally led, consultative role. We take a fresh perspective, use Lean UX validation and discovery techniques and agile delivery working practices to engage your team with the tools we are creating to ensure success. We gain an understanding of you working practice in order to give you the optimum platform.

This is from a team that has more than 300 digital product deliveries, we give you the insight to understand how you can change to improve your business to make it work better for you.

To understand how we will work with you to increase your team's performance please call us on 020 7100 2034 or e-mail 

23rd February 2015

Posted by Charlie