2015 has been a manic start for the putitout team. We've had some new additions to the team, some lovely new clients and a new arrival (congratulations Mr.Cadbury), but we all still have the same old love for our Apps.


Here are this Springs ultimate favs...


Who: Rebecca

What: Bitmoji

Why: It allows you to create your own caricature which you can use like an emoji in texts and whatsapp.


Who: Joe

What: Sleepio

Why: The app looks deep into the reasons as to why you can’t sleep, and offers the best trick as to how to help. Surprisingly, it worked first time for me. Worth a go!


Who: Katie

What: Ultratext

Why: You can make colourful GIF messages, with text and or images of your choosing. Big fun!


Who: Kerry

What: Bypost & iXpenselt

Why: Bypost Allowed me to send postcards, using photos I've taken, from my holiday without the long wait for them to arrive across the seas (it's sent from UK). PLEASE NOTE - it serves a purpose but could be better!

iXpenseIt is a budgeting app. my new bank account is horrendously slow at showing up to date transaction info so I use this instead. It's good as you add expenses as you go, but also auto sets your recurring expenses (i.e. bills).


Who: Ed

What: Flipboard

Why: This is a cool app which allows users to choose what their interests are then filters the news for them based on their interests. The UI is great and doesn't need endless scrolling. #checkitout


Who: Bethan

What: Todoist

Why: To feed your inner teacher's pet vibe, todoist is a To Do app that tells you what you need to do that day, and gives you stars when you've done well... 


Who: Celeste

What: Instapaper

Why: Clean UI, and incredible easy to use, very intuitive and serves the purpose perfectly.


Who: Chris

What: Moment

Why: Allows me to track how much time I am on my phone each day and alerts me when I am using it too much.


Who: Charlie

What: Full Term

Why: You won't use this every day but when you do it's comforting to be able to rely on an app rather than your mind which may be swimming with emotions, sleep deprived and in my case full of wildly hot curry.


Who: Luke

What: Gym Hero

Why: I train Olympic Weightlifting and also Coach it - this is great for keeping track of your workouts and those people I train!

17th March 2015

Posted by Joe