Secret Sessions Brought to You Live by putitout

As I type I am listening to incredible new music by a very talented artist that I have recently discovered on a music platform specifically designed to match new artists with music lovers.

What’s great is that there is a plethora of plectrum strumming musical goodness waiting for me, never again will I need to sieve through the internet trying to find amazing new music.

That’s right people, Secret Sessions has launched.

Designed and built by Putitout this is the first iteration of Secret Sessions’ own space on the Internet and is a culmination of months of scoping, design, agile development, and the inevitable QA.

It is about as far away as we can get these days from X-Factor and all the crazy videos that seem to flood our various news feeds and play, unasked, further distracting us from what we are supposed to be doing.

Harriet Jordan-Wrench, founder of Secret Sessions, came to putitout in the Summer of last year with a creative vision for a platform “for artists who can share their content and for fans who can discover the music they love”. Secret Sessions has a good following on YouTube but we wanted to create its own home with a unique look and feel, through which you could easily search for and find new music. That now exists and fans are encouraged to boost their fans profiles to the homepage by sharing their favourite artists on social platforms and liking their videos. In turn artists can share their videos, Soundlcoud and Twitter feeds in one place for their new fans to see.

Undoutedly there will be updates and changes as we analyse the data and user feedback, it’s inevitable in all digital products. Check it out, we’re very proud of it and can’t wait to see it grow. 

21st May 2015

Posted by Ed Rigg