Our Digital Shoreditch Open House

Last week we brought Digital Shoreditch to sunny Soho. Our Open House rooftop event was on Thursday afternoon.

Charlie & Sheen (aka Charlie Sheen) were on excellent form and each gave an insightful talk on Change, Emerging Commerce & Lean UX. No screens or laptops were required as they grabbed the attention of the rooftop crowd with an extremely personable top-level discussion on how putitout embraces change in our own and our clients’ working environment.

At putitout we don’t like to shout from the rooftops (literally) about how awesome we are. Far better to share our learnings, our processes, how we’re improving and adapting to change, in the hope that more businesses will adapt to a Lean methodology and prove it as the way to build.

We want to reach out to more and more people who might share our vision, look out for future talks and events from the putitout team.

26th May 2015

Posted by Joe