Top of the Apps - November 2010

We have been excruciatingly busy over the past couple of months, we’ve hired 5 more wonderful people to join the growth of our company.  Out of the blood, sweat and tears, blinking into a new dawn, we have compiled the below list of the apps that have impressed us recently.
This is the game that knocked Angry Birds of the top spot.  Its a puzzle game where you are essentially feeding sweets to a hungry monster.  2 things your mother told you never to do.  Its addictive and was reported to have sold 1m copies in 10 days.  Well done.
A compelling way to make colours by mixing paint using trains.  Geektastic?  Its another puzzle game that AJ loves.  What really appeals to our softer side is the story of the human behind it, read the blog here
Find Twitter boring?  Play it.  This wonderful take on using the Twitter API allows you to play with a rabbit like avatar and jump into tweets to interact with them.  Wild. As you go through the game has gamecentre built in so you can collect points and 'play' your friends.  This is the kind of app we can see making a crossover to TV apps. Who said computer games were antisocial?
This app grabbed our attention as it allows you to see what digital media (pictures, video, audio) other users have attached to barcodes.  You can scan a packet of crisps and see lots of other people who have 'stuck' pictures of themselves eating said crisps. Why?  Not entirely sure quite yet.  Very useful for treasure hunts and investigating the sticky habits of your fellow man. They used the Red Laser SDK to create this app.
This is the first 'web app' to make it onto the Top of the Apps list.  Web apps are web based services optimised for mobile devices.  This offering from google is a visual search tool.  It allows you to take a picture of any image and use that image to peform a search using google.  It recognises 70% of objects we've tried.  It even translates text for you.  There's more to come from this...
This app has been around for a while but deserves a mention. Heading away on holiday? Your mouth doesn't speak French/Germain/Arabic?  Well the iLingual app changes all that.  Turning your mouth into a multi-lingual hero mouth.  Its free and sponsored by Emirates.
Safestore have shunned the Big Yellow Storage company's foray into mobile apps by releasing a beautifully designed iPhone optimised site.  We really like the interface design and size estimator especially. Very clever use of .gif's there.
Chess is increasing in popularity.  Its the game of Kings. The ability to have a decent game with friends in USA and Ireland on the go keeps us closer to those individuals whilst possibly increasing cerebral capacity.  Well executed correspondence chess app, better than that some of us used to play in the early naughties.
OK - so its a TV guide.  True but possibly one of the most useful apps used on a daily basis.  Its customisable and user friendly.  Until you're only watching on-demand programming there is room for this in your life.
Finishing on a double dose of 'simple apps are best'.  If you run an online service and your business model relies on securing your brand as the 'go to' for currency exchange you are honour bound to offer this service in whatever service your user wants it. For business travel and holidays you will want it as an app.

4th November 2010

Posted by Charlie