Portland Communications - Site Maintenance

We’ve been working with Portland for a while now on a number of pitches and projects so it came as no surprise when they asked us to undertake a bit of work on their site.
We were tasked with building a new section to the site, the 'Portland Quarterly', which would be a quarterly magazine that the Portland would post on their site as well as couple with a quarterly e-mail burst. 
We designed and built the new section and also suggested we hook them up with an HTML e-mail solution.  So we created an HTML e-mail template for them too.
The site had been built by another agency and for one reason or another were no longer working with Portland so we started by familiarising ourselves with the existing code structure.  During our evaluation we realised there were a few tweaks we could perform to optimise the browser compliance.
Once the team at Portland started to really look at their site they also realised this would also be a good opportunity to add a jobs section, which again, we designed and added to the site.
Next project is to design their Christmas e-card (as the HTML e-mail system is working out so well for them).

24th November 2010

Posted by Charlie