Top of the Apps - November 2011

So it's November, nearly Christmas, not quite, but nearly! So until the festive activity really kicks off, we thought we'd tide you over with a top ten guide of this months App related necessities... Enjoy!
I saw this app as a new release in the App Store, a really quirky game with fantastic crisp graphics. Flip and trick through the various courses dodging obstacles and gaining speed. With a level creator mode to further the fun, make it the new way to travel, “boredom free.”
Fancy yourself as the new David Guetta? Prove it with this ‘in-hand studio’ write your own synth loops and drum beats. Combine this with an easy to use interface  and iPad compatibility makes Nano Studio as the only music studio app on the App Store today!
Recommended by Chris (@cpshodgson) as it shows the entrepreneurial spirit of the cab drivers within his home town of Salisbury!
Halloween has been and gone, but with this creepy app you can live in fear all through your phone all year long. Highlighting historically haunted locations near you and giving a tale of fright and fear. It even lets you plan your own petrifying pub-crawl around the capital! Check it out here.
Can’t beatbox? Neither can we. However if your nimble enough with your thumbs you can slide markers onto hotspots creating varying, ‘beats,’ really easy to master and if you really want to push it, set your beats as your ringtone!
A cool new game from Disney Mobile, (we love Disney) deliver Swampy the ‘clean Croc,’ his water for a shower by dragging your finger across the screen and avoiding obstacles. Highly addictive and we would recommend the ONLY way you try to shower a crocodile!
Let's face it, racing games on your iOS device don't really cut it. The controls are too fiddly and they require precision. Draw Race (2) is a novel game - rather than looking out from slightly behind your wheels, the game is based on a birds-eye view, and drawing your best attempt at a racing line. You then watch the race unfold, and use your turbo boosts as appropriate. I didn't even bother to finish Angry Birds, but I'm determined to finish this one. 5 golds left to achieve, come on!
AJ introduced me to this website and the app is equally as useful. Ask or search for questions that are answered by wise individuals and / or experts in the field, makes for some real interesting reading.
Arguably the most useful App this month, “Better Christmas List,” is a festive list maker for all your present buying needs. Who are they for, how much it costs, and more importantly a countdown to the big day! No excuses now!

4th November 2011

Posted by Patrick