NativEye - Market Research app

We first met nativeye at the beginning of the summertime.  They captured our imagination with their project, a new market research tool.
Harnessing “the power of mobile” they wanted to create a tool for researchers to be able to garner responses to their market research questions from respondents in real time as they were out and about and actually experiencing the situations first hand rather than days later in a stale 'market research group session'.
To do this, nativeye, through their own in-house web development team, created a web based dashboard that allows researchers to create tasks for their respondent to complete as well as a live feed of responses from the respondents.  However they still needed the native iPhone application to plug the dashboard into.  This is where we came in.  We assisted in the initial design and scoping of the application and then subsequently were responsible for the development of the iPhone application and integration with their web based dashboard.
The resulting application is downloaded by the respondents.  From there the market research companies can set individual assignments to individual respondents, each assignment containing specific tasks created by the companies designed to get the most accurate responses back.  The tasks can take on various different formats ranging from text responses to photos & caption responses to multiple choice questions.  Upon completion of the assignments, the results are immediately delivered to the web based dashboard, through which the companies can then pick up the responses and review as they come in.
If you’re just curious and have a research task you’d like to use nativeye for, please get in touch with nativeye below

16th January 2012

Posted by Patrick

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