Interview With A Client: Redwood

When did you first hear about putitout?

We were looking for a partner to help us with apps and putitout were recommended to us by a contact we were working with on another project.

What was your first impression? 

Very friendly, professional and down-to-earth. Nothing was over promised but there was an entrepreneurial spirit a definite – ‘we can do it’ attitude.

Why did you choose putitout over other suppliers?

Firstly, putitout were close and even in the age of IM, Skype, etc. site visits and seeing people face-to-face is still important. Secondly, price. putitout were mid-range against the other suppliers we looked at, so it wasn’t about being the cheapest, it was about the value for money we felt we were getting. Thirdly, the overall feel, personality and professional consultancy inspired confidence. Celeste was an impressive project management approach and Chris and Charlie gave us an honest and insightful approach to the project.

What were the challenges to be met when you first engaged putitout (e.g. technical, commercial, time, cost)?

When we first met putitout our challenges were ensuring we had a robust technical solution for what was a complex requirement that not only involved a CMS but complex daily served content across iOS and Android.

How were they overcome?

putitout was very logical in their approach. With a solid CMS, built almost from the ground up, they have worked very closely with our editorial teams to make sure the app does everything they need it to, meeting our client’s very exacting needs.

How was the day-to-day working relationship?

putitout are accessible, go the extra mile and care about the project as much as we do. Responses to requests are measured, thoughtful and on time. They are also always fun to meet in our face-to-face meetings.

What are the areas of particular strength that putitout demonstrate?

putitout’s core strengths are being approachable and fun, logical and precise in their solution, quick to respond and a willingness to be open to finding a solution even if it means working with third parties.

Is there anything more you’d like to see from putitout?

Not at the moment, I think you have it all covered.

Would you recommend putitout?

We would and, in fact, have recommended putitout to other companies more than once.


Do you have anything more to add?

Nothing more except many thanks for all your hard work, flexibility and patience with us!


Jonathan Richards

Chief Technology Officer

17th January 2014

Posted by Charlie