Using Lean UX to build businesses


putitout are delighted to invite you to an event to open your eyes to the world of Lean UX

We'll share why and how you can use this process to improve the chance of success and de-risk the investment for your digital ventures.

We will explain how we implement Lean UX to grow, enhance and improve our clients’ businesses. The format is designed to encourage debate with our practitioners and allow you to network with people who are trying to solve the same challenges you face.

There will be a chance to ask any questions you may have about the process and how to launch your digital project so that it is successful on the day of launch and every day thereafter.

The session will be hosted by Charlie Cadbury, our CEO and our process explained by Sheen Yap our in-house Lean UX expert practitioner.

As per tradition we'll have the chance to network at the start and end with an interesting mix of our partners, clients, wannabe clients and our competitors in disguise trying to work out just how we do it.

The event will be hosted at Fieldfisher’s offices overlooking the Thames and the city (our lawyers offices boast a far better view of the city than ours). Do join us at 4pm.


4pm - Registration, networking and drinks

4.30 - Introduction from Charlie Cadbury, putitout, building change into the fabric of you and your work

4.50 - Sheen Yap, using UX to scale your business.

5:10 - Q&A

5.30 - Sundowners and networking

Why you should come:

You need to improve the performance of your digital asset(s)

Or your business needs a new digital product…

Or you want to create a marketing product to help grow your business…

Or you have an idea for your startup…

Setting the scene:

It is now easier than ever to create digital products. However, 9 out of 10 digital projects still fail, and the number one reason is because time, effort and money are spent on building the wrong product i.e. a product that nobody wants.

Traditional methods of development, such as waterfall, cause a problem by leaving it too late to get feedback from actual users. Whilst more modern approaches such as agile and user-centred design attempt to reduce the risk by segmenting development and taking users viewpoint.

Lean UX emerged from the Lean Startup movement that is currently reshaping how products are created and marketed in the startup world. Using an evidence-driven approach and zero-waste delivery, Lean UX is helping new and old businesses make product decisions faster, and create products that realise and sustain their true value to the market over the long term.




25th June 2015

Posted by Charlie