Put It Out - Summer Party


Gather round one and all, and sit yourselves comfortably, allow me to paint you a picture of this years infamous, Put It Out Summer Party.


Wednesday 16th May 2012 – 11:00am

With the sun out in an unmistakably glorious fashion on a peculiar day in Soho, it seemed to be the ideal time to begin the transformation of the roof terrace, from humble refuge for hard working digital enthusiasts, to theatre of festivities for friends and business doers.


Armed with paint and a couple of brushes I took to the roof and put paint to wood. Branding the beloved benches, hand crafted by Charlie himself, in the vibrant colours of Put It Out.


Before long the Astro Turf had arrived, and with some helping muscle from Chris it was lain out upon the roof. Lying there in the beating sunshine it seemed like some sort of a Giant Manta Ray who had lost it’s battle with the intense sunlight and submitted to become part of the furniture by hugging the roof.


Granted, with the turf being a little smaller than expected, there was now some time while the newly branded benches dried to choose which side the turf was to go.


With the sun setting, benches painted and turf delivered the party was only around the corner. With still much to do the next day, we retired home in preparation for a final busy push for perfection.


Thursday 17th May 2012 – 2:00pm

Delivery! Delivery in all forms, first comes the final Tesco order, with copious amounts of food and drink we were confident that once again, Put It Out will provide in handfuls. Prior to packing away the, contraband there was another ring at the door, bearing gifts such as, an inflatable palm tree drinks cooler and JUMBO bean bags.


Putting the inflatable to one side, we had JUMBO bean bags; we have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of these beauties for, honestly months. However.


They needed filling…


Celeste, Katie and myself were tasked with the job. So like clockwork, we filled all three bags, with slight spillages at times due to a lack of seeing a large gaping hole in the side of the bag… But let’s not point fingers…


With all three bags filled up, tried and tested, the final chore was for me to empty the most part of my lungs into an inflatable, six foot, palm tree… Not easy, and I’m still not sure my heart and lungs are over it yet as I type I can almost hear them screaming… But I digress. This isn’t about me, regardless of health. I’m just that kind of self sacrificing guy.


The scene was almost set. Tomorrow was the day.


Friday 18th May 2012 – 3:00pm

One hour till the coals are lit, the bunting is up, bean bags laid out, benches painted, unnecessarily difficult to inflate palm tree is stood tall, and somewhat smaller astro turf than we thought is in place. Finally we are ready. It’s been a journey to say the least.


A quick team, “hustle,” in the meeting room and before long we were welcoming the wonderful clients and friends of Put It Out onto our roof, charged with chilled beverages and delicious nibbles. With the weather holding and our team compiled, “Summer Playlist,” ringing across the Soho skyline, it’s safe to say the wheels were in motion for a good night.


With stomachs beginning to rumble, in steps Geoff Hodgson on the BBQ. Proving very popular it was seen to that everybody had enough in their stomachs to see out the festivities till the early hours.


A further few drinks down, and it was time for Charlie to take centre stage and give a rousing speech about the iceberg that is, “Put It Out,” taking the time out to mention our fantastic development team and clients alike who without, things like this very party, “just would not be possible.”

With the sun on it’s way down, some light drizzle found itself making an unwanted appearance, a true hero stepped up to the scene. From the corner of the roof terrace stands Emma Jackson, bearing gifts in the form of a bag full of umbrellas and a model of the Delorian. She can definitely come again!


Brollies handed out, and everybody dry, we decided to cut our losses and move onto the final part of our summer welcoming, and one for the true veterans among us. The ever providing bar of, Floridita.


Live Latino music; crisp, fine wines, spectacular, seasonal cocktails and some rather suspect shots seemed the perfect way to round off an evening that we all see as a great success.


A huge thank you to all who came, you guys made a great night and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


Until next year…

22nd May 2012

Posted by Patrick