Put It On - January

Happy New Year guys! After a heavily festive Christmas season in the putitout nest, we have regretfully had to take our decorations down. Sad I know, but really looking forward to this years drive. So it seems completley right and fitting that we showcase our tunes for January... Bon apetit.
Who: Charlie
Why:  I feel I owe it to my body.  After a heavily indulgent Christmas season, with LMFAO a constant soundtrack I asked for the LMFAO album for Christmas.  My little sister Tor kindly obliged, and I'm a big fan.  When blinking eyed into 2012 I rose the CD was still on loop on the player, I heard 'Sorry for Party Rocking'.  I will not apologise.
Who: Chris
What: Putitout Feat. Charlie C - Hold Music
Why: A timeless classic that entertains all at the London PITO HQ. 
Who: Celeste
Why: First single of the last Black Keys album. It came out at the end of the year, but still is one of the best albums of the 2011. Don't miss neither the promotional video of the album nor the video for the single itself! I cannot wait for the concert on February!
Who: Katie
Why: Sampling the almighty Alicia Keys, this track is tropical and up beat and sounds extra good really loud. It was the theme of new years day, so it will hold long time warm memories!
Who: Patrick
Why: Easily one of my big albums from last year, can't wait to see these guys in Feburary. Killer hooks, and the fact that they are reknowed for a real 'family vibe,' at a show. Leaves only one question, why aren't you listening to it now? Go on, right now... That's it, now a little volume... Told you, bangin'.

6th January 2012

Posted by Patrick