Top of The Apps - January

Happy new year! After a trully festive season, we are buzzing for the new year. So buzzing in fact that we have decided to bring you a new selection of apps to feast on as business picks up for 2012.... Your welcome.
Who: Charlie
Why: An intresting little game that's come out of Australian development house, 'Halfbrick Studios,' You can link it to Game Centre and challenge me, I'll be, 'Charliecad,' and I'll win. Come on!
Who: Chris
What: RISK
Why: One of my favourite board games growing up has finally arrived on the iPad... and it's awesome! It's actually pretty hard as well, so it hasn't got boring playing against the computer.

Who: Katie
What: Wakemehere
Why: Promoting, 'You snooze, you win,' ethic. This app allows you to set an alarm to go off when you reach a certain destination, so you'll never miss a bus or train stop again. Patrick Deane...
Who: Celeste
What: IMDb
Why: This app is always with me! But it's especially helpful when you are on holiday. Do not miss it if your a cinema lover!
Who: AJ
What: Zite
Why: A really cool magazine for iPad, really worth checking out. 'Nuff said.
Who: Patrick
Why: These ex-propaghanda posters have suddenly become a popular fashion, with this app you can create your own, 'Keep Calm,' type of posters. Really nice way to create a new wallpaper for your phone. 

9th January 2012

Posted by Patrick