Top of the Apps - February

Very busy, as ever here at The putitout Towers. But never too busy to deliver you guys the monthly supplement of, 'all things apps.'
From games, to organisation tools all the way to lifestyle aids please read on to see what's hot this February.
Who: Charlie
Why: With the 6 Nations starting on Saturday I was recommended this application.  With live commentary, match analysis and info graphics updated DURING GAMEPLAY it promises to kick all other commentary into touch!
Who: Chris
What: Catan
Why: Classic board game from my (brother's) childhood re-introduced as an iPad application game.  Authentically re-created, just as addictive, the perfect format to play the game in.
Who: Saad
What: Cash Droid
Why: Its a really handy Android app to keep track of personal finances especially petty cash. 
Who: Katie
Why: This app monitors your sleep cycles through out the night to help you get out of the right side of bed in the AM.. you set a half an hour window of when you need to get up and an alarm will sound at some point within that time slot to wake you up in light sleep. No more deep sleep grogginess. The stats are really interesting too!
Who: Celeste
What: Flipboard
Why: The most cool way to show loads of content and be up to date!
Who: AJ
What: Clear
Why: With a revolutionary interface, as we slowly let go of, 'button's' in our everyday lives. 'Clear,' begins the migration with a fresh layout and feel for a great, 'list keeping app.'
Who: Patrick
Why: After the Super Bowl (go Giants!... Sorry Chris.) I was looking for my own NFL fix for my travels. I give you this. You pick your team, and work your way up through a selection of mini games. Highly addictive, with it being on Game Centre means that you can keep up to date with your how your fairing against your pals. Awesome

16th February 2012

Posted by Patrick