Put It On - February

February, the month of love. We love music, so should you! Putitout have been very busy since coming back after Chrimbo (that seems like a lifetime away!) Setting the pace since our return have been a selection of tracks to keep our heads nodding, feet tapping and websites whirring.
So read on if your curious to what keeps us so fresh, excited and alive day in day out...
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Who: Charlie
Why: On January 27th Celeste came to work with a present for be, it was the new Scissor Sisters single. She asked me to play it loud. I did. I loved it. I suggest you play it loud.
Who: Chris
Why: The ONLY song/band that I have discovered and liked from Spotify's recommended song list.  Love 'em.
Who: Saad
Why: A great soothing track, lets you relax when you need to. Love it!
Who: Katie
Why: When I saw Azari a couple of weeks ago at Heaven it was a mad, crowd vogue battle, hype thing, this song is a slow motion reminder.
Who: Celeste
Why: I can not get rid of the sticky chorus!!! S C C, S C C, S C C R E T....
I just love the idea of having some secrets! ;-)
Who: Patrick
Why: An oldie, but still a classic these guys are on their way over to the UK in the coming months with a new album, meaning now is the perfect time to get back into them!  Serving suggestion: Loud with lager.

15th February 2012

Posted by Patrick