surfing and strategy - the agile way


In 6½ years putitout has never had an away weekend.

Socials we have had, several long evenings on the roof, Come dine with me, our growing client Christmas dinner - to name but a few.  A weekend away never.

That had to change.

On the afternoon of Thursday 20th April we loaded a minibus full of supplies and putitout. We headed West out of London and along the A303, passing Stonehenge at sundown. We stopped at the Montague Inn for a well needed and delicious dinner before pressing on to North Cornwall, arriving atop a headland in the middle of the night...

The next day Chris and Charlie headed out early to find the materials for the first task of the trip, to build two table tennis tables - from scratch. We broke into two teams, extensive and perhaps not entirely accurate plans were drawn up, and we had wood. Team A cracked on using an Agile approach whilst Team B - well we don't know what they were doing but they looked busy.

Beautifully, the weather was on our side and it soon became apparent that the rate limiting factor was the speed at which paint could dry.

As an interlude we walked to the ferry and headed across the water for some fish and chips courtesy of Rick Stein. We enjoyed local ale, meandered home via the dunes at sundown, de-shelled some freshly cooked crab and tucked into some crab and chili linguini. Charlie can cook.

Saturday morning lead us into the sea for some glorious spring surfing on some tried and tested boards.  With all cobwebs blown away we headed back to the weekend's HQ to put the finishing touches to the table tennis tables and complete the trestles to go with them. Despite the smacktal and deliberate attempts at sabotage from Team B (we won't name names), Agile proved the perfect methodology to rapid prototype and test our build and meant we made the most of our time and materials.

We had pasties for lunch and had to leave the sunny afternoon behind to head in for the strategy part of the afternoon, with no whiteboard to fall back on we used the large bay window to consolidate our thoughts on strategy for our next phase of growth, until the sun went down.

We returned to London with sand in our hair, sunkissed faces, some great memories and actionable insight to shape putitout's future.

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3rd May 2013

Posted by Charlie