Google Glass- Why is it exciting?


So, my first write up at putitout was to find out about google glass and why it is so exciting. Surprisingly enough I had not even heard of Google Glass until this morning, so, researching more and more into Googles latest piece of technology has got me very interested in the device.



Ok, so for anyone that is like me and has not heard of Google Glass before this morning and is asking that question of ‘What is Google Glass?’ here’s a brief insider on what the new product actually does - Google Glass is an android based headset that connects to your smartphone through bluetooth, therefore it gives you access to internet and GPS, audio playback and that’s just to name a few services it provides. The headset itself has a 5MP camera and a microphone so basically you can perform a lot of smartphone functionalities through the headset with your phone in your pocket. So basically in my own words you can command the headset to do what you want for example make a call, send a text message, google something, record a video, take a picture, get some directions etc. You do this by starting the command by saying “Ok Glass......” if this works (which it seems it does actually work!!) this is a very impressive piece of equipment.



Back to the main question, Why is it exciting? Well I think the fact you can make a call, send a message, take a picture/video or get directions by just speaking it without taking your phone out of your pocket is very impressive. It reminds me a small bit of a headset version of the iPhones Siri in which some of the commands you ask both devices to do would be in somewhat similar. So, now I’m wondering whether or not Google Glass will be a success? Well it should be a success (for the very wealthy) as rumour has it that it will retail for around $1,500, which I mean you could understand why it will cost so much as it is such a massive piece of technology and I’m sure it is a very expensive device to make so maybe it is correctly priced? But then again like all new technology it will come down in price over time and eventually probably be outdone by google again or maybe even companies like Apple, Samsung or Microsoft even might bring out a product very similar which i would say is very likely, if those rival companies are thinking of bringing out a product very similar to google’s latest invention I would say its very likely that they already have created something and are just waiting to release it? Who knows? However the price could rise on Google’s device yet as seeing as Google Glass will not be released until the year 2014, Google have came out and said that they are going to add more to the device, which could bump up the price. This does make you think ‘WHAT MORE CAN THEY ADD?!’

Here is a link to google’s own video of it:

By Fionn Cooney

27th May 2013

Posted by Charlie